Meet John Hawkins – Swiss Vault Product Manager

I have been gifted with an interesting career in development and delivery of great technology products that impact lives. I have been mostly involved with B2B wireless and enterprise applications, manufacturing and some consumer electronics (karaoke) which gives me a well-rounded product experience tool kit. I recently served as president and am a co-founder of the Product Management Association of BC.

The thing that attracted me to Swiss Vault is their vision of impacting data storage carbon footprint reduction. 

My deep experience in product development and commercialization is an important asset to Swiss Vault.  I bring a keen ability to ascertain market needs and communicate effectively with technology visionaries to bring radical products to life.  I am a relationship builder, expert in solving complex problems and developing and managing best-in-class processes.  I have experience in international cross-functional and cross-cultural teams, product-market fit and the complexities involved in delivering sustainable technology solutions.

On the personal side, I have the most wonderful family – four fabulous children, as well as four grandchildren, who have set out to make the world a better place, and a spouse who expects nothing but the best from me (she is a truly amazing woman). I play guitar, bass and trombone and I am lucky to be able to live on Vancouver Island.

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