Team Spotlight – Celebrating our Canadian Tech Team!

Canadian HQ

The Canadian Swiss Vault Systems technical team is helping to tackle the challenges of managing data differently to save space and energy, and to take the “heat off” the data storage industry for melting polar ice caps. 

Swiss Vault co-founder and CTO, Doug Fortune leads the company’s technical development, including the work of a dedicated and enthusiastic team in Canada.  The COVID-19 risk hasn’t impacted the team, which has been working virtually and rising to meet the crisis head on.  The team has been busy developing Swiss Vault’s platform architecture, electronic design and integration, as well as mechanical engineering and industrial designs.

Mechanical Designer, Karl Louie Agno

The platform/electronic and mechanical design team is made up of Hank Kauffmann, Lead Electronics Designer/Manufacturing Engineer, as well as Karl Louie Agno, Engineering Technologist/Mechanical Designer, Jake Quigley, Mechanical Designer and Lauren Hutchinson, Mechanical Designer. The team is also responsible for developing file system management software and systems integration.  The software team (so far) includes Mark Shaio, File Systems Software Lead.

Product is led by John Hawkins (Product Manager), whose current focus is the launch of Swiss Vault’s 2020 commercial product, the Space Odysee.  This unique storage and computing platform operates with only 25 watts of power, contains 25TB of storage and connects to networks via 5 GB of Ethernet bandwidth.  All of this comes in a 277cm x 77cm x 116cm package (the size of a box of tissues).

CTO, Doug Fortune and Software Lead, Mark Shaio

Thank you #Swissvault #techteam!

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