We are amongst 1000 innovations assessed by the Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative

Mission Innovation’s Net-Zero Compatibility Initiative (‘NCI’) aims to established the de-facto standard for innovation assessments and acceleration of climate solutions. To accelerate emissions reductions, companies cannot only be driven by cost and risk reductions but must also use their capacity for innovation to deliver the solutions that we need. Hence, solutions providers need the tools and credibility to be able to demonstrate their positive impacts in society. As the opportunities provided by the fourth industrial revolution converge with the requirement for rapid and deep reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, the need to identify and support zero-carbon solutions becomes urgent. Instead of focusing on problems, e.g. companies that emit a lot of greenhouse gases, Mission Innovation’s NCI is an initiative that focuses on opportunities, e.g. technologies, system solutions, companies and new clusters with a potential to deliver zero-carbon solutions at the speed and scale required to stay below 1.5°C. 

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