Wishing you Happy Holidays!

The world of a fast growing startup is a challenging one at any time. But in 2020, deeper words are needed to match the range of sentiments and situations that we all experienced.

Eight months ago, in March, Europe took wide-ranging and unprecedented measures in the face of COVID-19, and uncertainty loomed over our development with a magnitude we had not previously seen. Travel restrictions, city lockdowns, video conferencing, home schooling, & social distancing became the new normal. Economies took deep dives, businesses made difficult decisions, and governments struggled to manage the fallout. High-tech factories that were staple suppliers for us and others shutdown and parts quickly became unobtainable. It seemed impossible to continue.

Yet despite all of the “curveballs” thrown our way, the resilience of our team helped us to remain focused and persevere. More than ever, we knew the value of what we were creating, and we knew that we had to find a way to realize our dreams. We pivoted several times to keep product development going and to reach the market with the sales of our new Mini product, the Space Odysee.

What I was struck by was the swift and meaningful Swiss Federal and Cantonal support for startups! The financial support and in-kind resources offered by Canton BaselStadt and Innosuisse, for example, not only helped us survive, but also gave us the means to strengthen our organization and even expand our team in-line with our growth path. They stepped in at the right time and this is very much appreciated!

Further, all of the recognition this year for Swiss Vault – the Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution Label, London Business School Real Innovation Awards, Digital Switzerland/ Innosuisse Sustainable Impact awards, to name a few, emboldened our mission and validated our efforts. We are honoured to have received these accolades.

And so, we plan to continue with the same zest and vigour in 2021 – with our vision, still audacious, very much in sight. We highly value each and every one of our customers, supporters, team members and family members, and cannot express our gratitude enough for your ongoing support. We hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday Season and wish you a great start to 2021, as we continue our journey together.

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