Swiss Vault at Davos Digital Forum – Health Edition

Swiss Vault was featured at the Davos Digital Forum (DDF)- Health Edition on 28th Jan 2021. The event aimed to highlight how healthcare has been impacted recently and explored topics and companies that are addressing

healthcare challenges faced by patients, institutions and industry. Swiss Vault was chosen as a start-up to discuss how data management solutions are shaping the future of life sciences, healthcare and innovative ecosystems.

Peggy Bunzli, CFO of Swiss Vault took center stage in this virtual fireside discussion and explained why data is the new gold and how the role of Swiss Vaults solutions will continue to be relevant in the healthcare sphere. While as a start-up, Swiss Vault’s solutions are applicable across sectors and industries, Peggy explained the specific relevance of Swiss Vault’s solutions to hospitals and clinics that need to manage significant (and growing) amounts of sensitive/private data from, for example, genomics and imaging, that is vital to delivering precision medicine for the long-term. She also shared a few of the many accolades that Swiss Vault has received and, in particular, highlighted how the EIC (EU) Funding grant of EUR 1.7 million is going to contribute to Swiss Vault’s growth and progress, as well the honor of receiving recognition from the Solar Impulse Foundation, validating that Swiss Vault’s solution has a positive impact on reducing the carbon footprint of data. For many of the 600+ registrants it was refreshing that a solution beyond the pill was presented and to rethink how data management and security is going to continue being a challenge.

It was clear that the start-up journey for Swiss Vault has not been without challenges and Peggy’s final words for other start-ups who are embarking on their adventures – “never give up, believe in your innovation”.

Swiss Vault would like to thank all of those involved at the DDF and international Women in Science (iWiS) for the opportunity to be part of this inspiring event. We look forward to being part of the next DDF Forum.

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