Spacecom Entrepreneur Summit (SES)

The challenge for space exploration won’t just be the launch of incredible missions but more importantly how big data collected is going to be managed and stored. Space exploration projects generate hundreds of terabytes of data every second, for example The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is going to be the largest radio telescope covering one million square meters. This will produce an eye watering 700 terabytes of data per second – when put into perspective that is the same amount of data that is produced through the internet every two days! Additionally, more and more communication is passing through satellites in space and important geo observational data is collected from space. 

Swiss Vault had an excellent opportunity to present their data storage solutions with an elite group of professionals who are serious about

space, at the 2020 Spacecom Entrepreneur Summit (SES) this month. With Swiss Vault’s product pipeline ideal for edge computing, Swiss Vault was able to share how the efficiency of our technology makes it remarkably suitable for satellites, from Space Stations like the ISS, to the nanosatellites currently being sent up by, for example, Project Kuiper and Starlink. Our form fitting design encapsulates light weight material and remarkable technology that would allow for large quantities of data to be stored and processed in space and for improved access to data at the edge, whether on earth or in space.

Swiss Vault was excited to share such forward-thinking innovation not only as part of the SES programme but to stimulate and boost collaboration with the space exploration industry.

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