We are called upon to do our part

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the latest report assessing the current scientific knowledge on climate change. You can view or download the report here: https://www.ipcc.ch/assessment-report/ar6/

The results point to the fact that the extreme weather experienced across the globe is only possible if the planet is getting warmer. Each 0.1 degree Celsius change brings increasingly more calamity somewhere on the globe – drought, flash floods, fires, tornados, elevated sea rise …

What is required is classic risk management – but at a global scale. The science may not be perfectly understood – however we cannot be paralyzed in inaction. We are already seeing serious consequences and the risk to future generations is real. We must take care of the planet. 

The only defensible solution to be implemented is reduction in consumption! Reduce our energy consumption, decrease construction, better utilize existing products to limit manufacturing … and to offset the CO2 already in the atmosphere take action such as planting trees for example. 

Data is pivotal for our global connectivity, economic prosperity and potential future innovation that will propel us further, even helping us to solve some of our climate change problems.  But data is dirty – it has a carbon footprint and environmental impact through the lifecycle of data transmission networks, data storage equipment and data center construction. Globally, data is responsible for 3.7% of the global carbon footprint. At Swiss Vault, we are doing our part to lower the carbon footprint and environmental impact of data by building deep-technology that reduces energy consumption in data storage and management and this through-out our full technical development stream. 

As an organization, the Swiss Vault team has also rallied to reduce our business’ environmental footprint. 75% of team members are working from home. We make a conscious decision to support lower impact solutions and to support each other with these choices.

As humans, our capacity to care and work together is unlimited.  During the COVID emergency, we showed that communities all around the world can rally to do their part. Once again, we are called upon to do our part.


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