Our story

Swiss Vault founders, Bhupinder Bhullar and Doug Fortune started working together on finding a solution for storing data in a more sustainable way in 2015.

Bhupinder first started thinking about the environmental impact of data while he was working in the lab sequencing genomes. He realized the immense amount of data generated during the sequencing process and the infrastructure required to store this data is bigger than ever. Data centers use 3% of the world’s energy production.

Bhupinder thought with the exponential growth of data, there has to be a more sustainable way of storing this data. This is when he turned to his engineer friend, Doug and they developed the breakthrough hardware and software design that is the core of all Swiss Vault products.

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Our team is pushing the boundaries of technology with next-generation data storage that is also sustainable, lowering data’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

We are continuously looking for new talents to join our team and help us develop a new paradigm through reimagined hardware designs and software integration.

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