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Innovative data management Systems

Reimagining Data Storage

Today 3% of the world’s entire energy production is used just to store data in data centers. Because of the digital revolution, data is growing exponentially; and there is a real consequence to that: in the next 4 years we will need 10% of global energy to store data, which isn’t sustainable. 

The data storage rack, which is the current industry standard, is complex and costly to manage. And it also has a heavy carbon and environmental footprint.  Swiss Vault re-imagined the data storage system, getting rid of all the unnecessary components.

By doing so, Swiss Vault’s solution represents a new paradigm through revolutionary hardware designs and reimagined software integration.

The patent pending data management systems reduces the size by 80%, and achieves 10 times more power efficiency, compared to traditional systems. Swiss Vault’s systems are also purposely built for the circular economy: they are easy to operate and last 4 times longer than rack systems. Swiss Vault aims at enabling organizations to manage their data for 100 years, with lower costs and less impact on the environment.

Past achievements

  • 2018 Foundation of Swiss Vault
  • 2018 1st Place Swiss Deep-Tech Startup Award
  • 2018 EU Top 10 Sustainable Innovations Award (1500 competitors,  40 countries)
  • 2019 European Commission Seal of Excellence
  • 2020 EIC Accelerator 1.7M EUR grant
  • 2020 Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label
  • 2020 Swiss Top Green-Tech Startup Award
  • 2021 Selected for Greenbackers’ Super pitch COP26


  • Immediately: Raising 2.0M EUR expansion capital in the form of convertible note
  • 2022-2023: Recruiting additional skilled and experienced staff
  • 2022-2023: Building capacity in US market
  • 2022-2023: Expanding capability for production, sales orders, support
  • Production and Sales of Tower units (target revenue in first year 10.0M EUR)
  • 2024: Entering new regional markets
  • 2025: New product launches

Our market


  • Data Centers
  • Hospital and Medical Institutes
  • Large Scientific Research Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Banking and Insurers
  • Government (incl. defence)
  • SMEs of all industries


  • Switzerland
  • European Union
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa

our new technology

swiss vault
approach to

Low consumption & heat emission

Optimize for lowest power consumption and thermal design for the job required (compute, store, transfer).

Small volume, light weight & low noise

Reduce volumetric size, overall weight and noise generated by all equipment.  Adopt a 10x approach to improvement.

product life cycle

Promote the use of platforms that are sustainable and open source.  Facilitate easy reuse and recycling of components.

Hardware embedded security profiles

Focus on a healthy balance of physical security and accessibility for the storage of digital assets..

long-term 100 year
Information integrity

Accept the challenge of providing high integrity digital storage for a century or more.  Design for resilience and long life.


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