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easiLy store your valuable data

The Space Odysee is a high-performance private cloud solution suitable for storing large amounts of data.

It’s a perfect alternative to the typical offerings from cloud providers and ideal for users concerned about data privacy.

The Space Odysee is a self-directed data storage. It is Open Source which enables greater innovation and no lock-in.

As it is Open Source, users can benefit from a broad library of small-medium enterprise business applications (Linux OS).


Staggering level of performance

  • 25TB raw or 20TB with Raid5 or 15TB with Raid 6
  • 32GB of RAM, onboard graphic processor, 4 core, 4 thread CPU: allows multiple users and apps running at the same time, ideal for small businesses
  • 1W of power usage per TB
  • 1TB NVME boot SSD
  • Very low noise: under 24 dB SPL (quieter than most PCs)
  • As small as a tissue box: dimensions: 27,6 x 11,2 x 8,5 cm / 10.8 x 4.4 x 3.3 inches


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5 years full product warranty for an order until 30 November 2021

4 years full product warranty for an order until 31 December 2021 

3 years full product warranty for an order until 31 January 2022 

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Get a powerful solution
for secure data storage

The Space Odysee is a safe solution for privately storing all your priceless digital information, professional data or personal memories. It can be used as:

Media or Company Server

  • NEXTCLOUD Private Cloud system pre-installed on your Space Odysee
  • Whole range of applications available, see: https://apps.nextcloud.com/
  • Dicom Imaging viewer (for x-rays etc.)
  • Enough capacity for Video and Photo editing, Gaming, CRM, ERP


  • Extremely powerful and agile Linux Workstation for open source users

NAS (File System Storage function)

  • Being able to save very large files/amount of data (25TB)
  • Very efficient filing system with Linux
  • For Windows / Mac: File transfer and synchronization possible with a dedicated app
  • Work on large files such as Autocad, Raw photos, Gaming etc (dependent on your computer’s specs)

For more technical information about the product, you can download our datasheet in pdf.